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Growing up

Growing up in the notorious area of Spanish Town, Insideeus (born Sanjae Mitchell) started his music career by playing drums at age 10 in church and later in local events and competitions. This musical talent made him a high school ‘sweetheart,’ complimented by his handsomeness and unforgettable smile that rocked performances. From the days of "Pecadores Group", Insideeus demonstrated his futuristic flows, uniqueness and originality in music which gave birth to his name “Stinga Yuth” by fellow classmates.

 This versatile youngster loves to dance and play football. When not working or otherwise occupied, you will find him holding down a good conversation on the music. He is also competent in Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Architectural Drawing having come from a family with an Engineering background. 

Generate excitement

After recording a conteraction to another artist’s song that mentioned his name and receiving positive feedback, Insideeus recorded his first single, “Club Banger" which premiered on “Video Alley Reggae Top Ten Show” as well as “Hype TV”. Over the years, he released a mixtape "DETERMINE FOR THE STERLING" and released songs that have gained momentum. His YouTube channel features his music and Facebook page showcases his recent and well-known hits such as 'Bubble on Me', 'Feel Alive,' and 'Despicable Whine,’ ‘Levels’, ‘Dancehall Greatest,’ ‘What If’, and ‘Three 45, The Singer has more to come.

Close the deal

Each song has propelled Insideeus' career and highlights his ability to push boundaries and mesmerized with his lyrical abilities. His fan base has lauded the artist as "an artist who will continue to make his mark in the dancehall industry" and soon to be released songs such as 'Good" will continue to cement Insideeus' position as a raw, versatile, and controversial artist.


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